Xtrime – Neuron Freeze MAXI 13,2mg


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XTRIME – Neuron Freeze Maxi 13mg nicotine pouches offer a fresh way to enjoy nicotine without smoking or chewing tobacco. Made by Killa, these pouches provide a high nicotine content for quick and effective satisfaction. The intense icy peppermint flavor leaves your mouth cool and refreshed, making them perfect for long workdays, relaxing evenings, or on-the-go use.

Discrete and easy to use, these pouches are designed for adults who want to enjoy nicotine safely and without smoke or harmful tobacco effects. Each pouch contains 13mg of nicotine, and the Maxi version includes 30 pouches per can, ensuring ample supply. Enjoy nicotine the safe and easy way with XTRIME – Neuron Freeze.

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