Xtrime – Neuron Freeze 13mg


  • Nicotine 12.8mg/dosage pouch
  • Really fresh icy peppermint taste
  • The pouches have a nice size of just over 0.8 grams
  • 20 dosage pouches in a disc
  • Long lasting without draining!

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XTRIME – Neuron Freeze 13mg

XTRIME – Neuron Freeze 13mg nicotine pouch is a new, fresh way to enjoy nicotine without smoking or using chewing tobacco. These Snus Empire novelty bags offer a high nicotine concentration that satisfies nicotine cravings quickly and efficiently. The flavor called Neuron Freeze offers an intense icy peppermint taste experience that leaves your mouth cool and fresh. Perfect for long days at work, relaxing evenings at home or on the go, these pouches offer a quick and easy way to get nicotine anywhere, anytime. XTRIME – Neuron Freeze nicotine pouches are convenient and easy to use. The bags are inconspicuous, so you can wear them anywhere without others noticing. This product is designed for adults who want to enjoy nicotine safely and without smoke or the harmful effects of tobacco. XTRIME – Neuron Freeze 13mg nicotine pouches are an excellent choice when you want to reduce the use of smoking or chewing tobacco, or when you want to enjoy nicotine without other harms.    


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