Xtrime – Lime Paradise 13mg


  • Nicotine 12.8mg/dose bag
  • Really fruity and fresh citrus and lime taste
  • The bags have a nice size of 0.8 grams
  • Hearty 20 bags in a disc!
  • Lasts without leaking for a long time

520 In stock



XTRIME – Lime Paradise 13mg

Are you craving a fresh and intense taste experience? A top novelty from Snus Empire arrived in our store: XTRIME – Lime Paradise 13mg. You can really find that fresh and intense taste experience here. This top quality product is designed to satisfy your nicotine cravings quickly and easily without smoke or chewing tobacco. XTRIME – Lime Paradise 13mg nicotine pouch is the perfect choice when you want to treat yourself to a top-class nicotine product that tastes insanely good. The Lime Paradise taste experience offers you a combination of fresh lemon and lime, which brings a summer taste experience all year round. This product is perfect for on-the-go and busy people who want to keep their nicotine use as inconspicuous and easily manageable as possible. XTRIME – Lime Paradise 13mg nicotine pouches are packed in small dose pouches that are easy to take anywhere.  


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