Valo Sweden – Watermelon 8mg


Valo Sweden – Watermelon

  • Nicotine content 8mg/dose pouch
  • Soft and pleasant pouches. Does not burden the gums.
  • Moist and tasty watermelon-flavored bags

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Valo Sweden – Watermelon 8mg

Valo Sweden’s top quality nicotine pouches now also in 8mg strength. Tasty watermelon-flavored pouches! The light behind Valo Sweden is Finnish, but the nicotine pouches are made in Sweden to guarantee premium quality. Valo Sweden is the Rolls Royce of nicotine pouch brands. Luxury for everyday life in ultra-stylish jars. Valo Sweden – Watermelon 8mg nicotine pouches have a suitable moisture balance and the pouches are silky soft and feel pleasant under the lips. The usage time of one dose is about 25-50 minutes.      

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