Nois – Mint 4mg


Excellent and affordable NOIS Mint

  • 4mg nicotine per sachet
  • 22 pieces per jar
  • Bag size 0.5g
  • Fast delivery

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Nois – Mint

Noisin Mint is now available for nicotine pouch lovers at . The taste is relatively strong, so the taste of mint comes through, but not disgustingly much. The mint itself is always fresh and a product suitable for Nordic users. The taste reminds me particularly well of fresh winter mornings and freezing weather.   Nois Mint is a very successful product in terms of its taste. The taste is not too strong, but the taste lasts a long time. Thus, it is comfortable to hold the bag on the lips for a long time. The positive aspects definitely include the fact that the bags are slim. Therefore, it is not easy to notice them on the lips and the bags can be easily used both in everyday life and at parties. Nois Mint is suitable for both those who quit smoking and those who like snuff.   Noisin Mint Lite discs always contain 22 bags, each weighing 0.5 g. Ease of use is fine. The bag stays in place and the flavor comes out evenly. There is always 4 mg of nicotine in one bag, so there is certainly enough nicotine. The bags of the Slim model guarantee that the product stays well hidden in the lips and does not bottle up too much. Thus, the bags suit various situations very well.  

Nois – Mint Lite and many other great flavors from us

We have Bags. com online store has the widest selection of nicotine pouches for Finnish customers. If for one reason or another the taste of mint doesn’t strike you, we also have several other options on our list. By exploring our selection, you can easily find your favorite among nearly 20 brands and around 60 flavors. Of course, it is good to note that our products are indeed both safe and legal to bring to Finland. Please note, however, that the order may be a quantity corresponding to three months’ own use at the most (approx. 96 jars), but this quantity already contains a lot of different flavors and brands to try.  

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