NOIS – Extreme Blueberry 25mg


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NOIS Extreme Blueberry – Unleash the Power of Blueberry

Immerse yourself in the vibrant taste of NOIS Extreme Blueberry, a standout product from the acclaimed NOIS brand. Perfect for those who crave a potent nicotine experience with a punch of flavor, this product redefines the NICOTINE POUCHES category.

Bold Flavor, Unrivaled Strength NOIS Extreme Blueberry is crafted for those who dare to push boundaries. Boasting a nicotine strength that ranges from extra strong to extremely strong, each slim pouch contains 25 mg of nicotine, delivering an exhilarating and satisfying kick every time.

Discreet Design, Maximum Flavor Designed for both discretion and comfort, the slim pouches of NOIS Extreme Blueberry pack a powerful punch. With 27 pouches per can, each weighing just 0.50 grams, you’ll experience a steady release of rich blueberry flavor and robust nicotine. These compact pouches fit perfectly under your lip, ensuring an intense and enjoyable experience with every use.

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