Klint – Mint 4mg


  • Tasty novelty from Klint.
  • Nicotine content 4mg/bag
  • 20 large 0.7g sachets per box!
  • Swedish quality
  • Legally to Finland
  • Fast delivery
  • A help in quitting smoking

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Klint – Mint 4mg

Premium class nicotine pouch There is a reason why this jar adorns the front page of our online store. Klint Mint 4mg is perhaps the best quality nicotine pouch that tastes like mint. The legal limit for nicotine in one sachet is 4 mg. The product is very much the same style as the legendary and highly popular but already discontinued Lyft Easy Mellow Mint . So, if you liked that, you’ll surely fall in love with this one too. It is a large, moist pouch made of a really pleasant and soft material, whose taste is preserved for a long time.

Klint Mint 4mg and bag size

There is currently no larger bag available on the nicotine snuff market. Weight of the Klint Mint nicotine pouch is 0.7g while the most commonly used size is the slim model weighing 0.5g. Klint Mint is an ideal choice as a snuff substitute or to stop snuff. The product is particularly suitable for those who like to feel the bag under their lips. The ample jar contains 20 sachets.

  • Does not irritate the gums
  • Does not drip
  • Long-acting nicotine delivery
  • Fully fills the lips
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