Killa – Niclab Flash Strawberry Lychee 4mg


  • Nicotine 4mg/dose bag
  • An exotic combination of berry and fruit!
  • Up to 30 nicotine bags in a disc
  • Big snuff-like 0.8g bag

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Killa – Niclab Flash Strawberry Lychee 4mg nicotine pouch

Killa’s Strawberry-Lychee novelty flavor is a truly exotic and tasty combination of strawberry and lychee fruit. The guild didn’t disappoint with drilling this time either and didn’t compromise on taste either. This generous-sized snuff-like pouch is incredibly tasty and still gives your lips that famous, generous piercing sensation. This nicotine pouch also contains 4mg of nicotine, so you can order it safely and legally in Finland!  

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