Killa – Niclab Flash Mocca 4mg


  • Nicotine 4mg/dose pouch
  • Delicious mocha flavored nicotine pouch
  • Up to 30 nicotine pouches in a disc
  • Big snuff-like 0.8g bag


40 In stock



Killa – Niclab Flash Mocca 4mg nicotine pouch

Killa – Niclab Flash Mocca 4mg is like a warm cup of soft coffee on your upper lip! A new great flavor from the super popular guild family that you should experience. When you have a toothache from coffee or tobacco, pop this wonderful mocha-flavored nicotine pouch into your mouth. This bag does not leak, fits well on the lip and delivers the right amount of nicotine to your system. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BAG!


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