Killa – Niclab Flash Mango Ice 4mg


  • Nicotine 4mg/dose bag
  • A truly icy mango-flavored top novelty from Killa
  • Up to 30 bags in the package
  • Jykevä 0.8g bag


40 In stock



Killa – Niclab Flash Mango Ice 4mg nicotine pouch

Killa – Niclab Flash Mango Ice 4mg is a mango-flavored frozen novelty from Killa! This bag won’t leave anyone cold. The tropical breeze is perfect for Finnish winter frosts. The 0.8g bag, equipped with excellent drilling and without compromising on taste, guarantees a good feeling! The icy aftertaste lingers smoothly in the top plate for a long time, without draining! The bag of the Slim model fits the lip like a lip.


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