Killa – Niclab Flash Blueberry 4mg


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  • Nicotine 4mg/dose
  • Big and very well-drilling bag
  • Bag just right moist
  • Tasty mix of mint and blueberry
  • Quality manufacturer
  • 30 bags enough box

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Killa – Niclab Flash Blueberry 4mg nicotine pouch

Now top news only from! Killa Niclab Flash Blueberry is perhaps the best for snuff users and the best choice if you are switching to nicotine pouches or quitting. The taste is manly but at the same time tasty and not a sweet teddy bear. Drilling is known to be excellent in Guild bags. Large size is a plus, same as in a normal Swedish bag snuff. The 0.8 g dumpling ensures that the top plate is carefully filled with fun and the feeling is the best. Killa factory’s products are in nicotine pouches from the most well-known end. It seems to be the best-selling brand in Europe! The bags are manufactured in a high-tech facility in Denmark. The price is downright cheap too! The Killa Niclab Flash Blueberry jar contains 30 juicy and moist nicotine pouches weighing 0.8 g. Normally there are 20 pieces in the jars and they weigh 0.5g each. The bags are of high quality, tasty and release nicotine for a long time. Killa – Niclab Flash Blueberry 4mg is made to tickle Finnish taste buds and is easy and quick to order at home! We wanted to offer tobacco and snuff quitters a decent and legal alternative by introducing a nicotine pouch to our store that would be as perfect as possible in use. Here it is now and you can’t get this product anywhere else!  

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Mustikka ja minttu

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