Fumi – Salty Violet 8mg


New flavors are coming to the market at a fast pace. Here’s one more interesting one!

  • Slightly salty, which brings out the taste well, just like in food
  • High-quality new type of bag material
  • Tastes for a long time
  • 8mg nicotine per serving
  • Made in Sweden

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Fumi – Salty Violet 8mg taste. The word salty does not mean that these nicotine pouches are particularly salty. The name comes from the salmiack salt contained in the nicotine pouches. Fumi Salty Violet is a licorice-flavored nicotine snuff that gets its taste from natural aromas and has a pleasant balance of sweet and salty. If you’re a licorice lover, Fumi is definitely your brand,


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