Chapo White – Brutal Cold 6mg


Chapo White – Brutal Cold 6mg top news only from us!

  • Nicotine 6mg/dose bag
  • Really cheap price!
  • In a jar 30 nicotine bags
  • Big snuff-like 0.8g bag
  • This year the coolest novelty kicks like a horse!
  • The hardest bag you can legally order in Finland


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Chapo White – Brutal Cold 6mg nicotine pouch

Definitely the most anticipated and most anticipated novelty of the year, Chapo White – Brutal Cold 6mg, now exclusive only at This novelty has been awaited like the moon rising, namely it is a nicotine pouch with everything in place:

  • Really cool mint taste, not comparable to any other product that can be legally ordered in Finland.
  • Nice moist pouches, from which nicotine releases especially quickly thanks to the new release mechanism.
  • Kicks like a horse! If you like strong nicotine pouches, this is the absolute number one choice.
  • Street-credible appearance and name. When you put the puck on the table, admiration is guaranteed, you’re sure to be the coolest guy in the group.
  • Suitable for use in any situation! When you want a good purveyor to relax for a quiet evening at home or to liven up a weekend with a group of friends. did it! Got the exclusive right to the hottest novelty of the year, Chapo White – Brutal Cold 6mg – nicotine pouch. If you are used to using stronger snus like Odens, then this is definitely the best choice for you. The taste is really freezing cold mint, which you can’t find in other brands. Made according to the wishes of our customers. We were asked for a nicotine pouch with an icy taste that kicks harder than Killa Flash. It’s a miracle that such a product has been developed. Not suitable for those who like milder products and candy flavors. The size is a really manly 0.8g, which is the same as in traditional Swedish snus. The really heavy bag ensures that the mouthfeel is great. A disc of 30 ensures that the bags do not run out right away. Snuffers therefore have a decent alternative that is completely legal to order in Finland. Nicotine is released very quickly thanks to the new release mechanism, so there will be a good buzz that even a seasoned snuff user will feel! The only downside is that if you take Chapo White – Brutal Cold 6mg with you to a night out with your friends, they will surely run out quickly because everyone wants to try them. Chapo White from viisto Chapo White - Brutal Cold from the site  

Additional information


Chapo White


Kylmä minttu

Nicotine content / g

5mg, 7

Nicotine content / pouch


Serving bags per box


Bag weight

0, 8g

Content / Paino


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