What are Killa nicotine pouches?

Killa is a brand that produces nicotine pouches that have no tobacco in them at all. Also known as Killapods, Killa nicopods or Killa snus without tobacco, these pouches are growing in popularity. Not only do they come in stylishly designed cans, but these cans are practical and convenient too. They differ from cigarettes in that these products, such as Killa Dry Cold Mint, come in organic bags or pouches that are placed under the lip rather than smoked. As such, this is a smokeless and tar-free way of imbibing nicotine to get your daily buzz.

Killa nicotine pouches come in a great selection of flavours and strengths. Thanks to this variety, users are able to select the perfect nicotine pouch based on their individual preferences. These pouches are also made with only the very best ingredients and flavours. Ingredients are natural too, resulting in strong, irresistible flavours. The nicotine is extracted from the best tobacco leaves and uses atomization for more effective release. This ensures a steady nicotine hit during usage time. Finally, these pouches use extra soft fabric for a comfortable mouth feel with no chaffing or irritation.

Why buy Killa nicotine pouches? 

Killa nicotine pouches are one of the biggest newcomers to the market. These products offer top-quality across the board. Impressively, this brand is always looking to expand its range too, which means you can find new flavours added to the selection on a regular basis. Better still, these pouches give a strong nicotine hit with strengths up to 24 mg but without the tobacco. This means that when used, there’s no teeth staining or the need to spit.

Nicotine pouches such as Killa’s provide a much safer way of getting that nicotine hit too. There is no tar or chemicals in these pouches. And, the fact that there is no combustion process does mean that potentially harmful chemical changes do not occur. With a range of strengths, Killa nicopods provide users with the means to select and tailor their nicotine experience, choosing pouches that meet their needs. Let’s take a look at Killa pouches in detail.

Who manufactures Killa pouches?

Killa nicotine pouches are manufactured by the Danish company, NGP Empire. Recently, it opened a new production line in Sweden. A plus for users, this has meant that the brand has been able to increase the quality of all its products as well as providing more flavours and carrying out a design overhaul.

Killa nicotine pouch flavours

Killa is a popular brand because it has a range of different flavours available. This is essential as it means users with different taste preferences will easily find something to suit them here. Excitingly, these tobacco-free snus pouches come in a variety of flavours including mint, fruit flavours and even cola. Here’s a more detailed look at some Killa flavours.

  • Cold Mint — this is a strong mint flavour that has an added chilling menthol taste with a slight numbing effect.
  • Blueberry — a subtle flavour that combines the taste of berries with a gentle mint hit for unwinding at the day’s end.
  • Cola — a strong drink flavour that brings to mind a refreshing cold Coke providing an energizing hit.

These are just some of the range of flavours offered by Killa, well-known for its wide range of options. As such, Killa nicopods have something for everyone here and they cover all the main flavour profiles. Take a look on Snuzzer and see if you can find your favourite Killa flavour today.

There is a range of very popular Killa nicotine pouches available. One of the top flavours is Killa Cold Mint, which has a menthol hit to it and comes in Dry or Normal format across various nicotine strengths. Mint is not for everyone though, and other popular Killapod flavours found on Snuzzer include the fruit options such as Blueberry, Watermelon and Apple. Finally, a very popular option is Killa Cola for an energizing boost.

How to use Killa nicotine pouches

  1. Select a pouch from the can
  2. Loosen it by rolling it between your fingers
  3. Using your thumb and forefinger, place the pouch between your gum and top lip — slightly to the side of your front teeth
  4. Let the nicotine release by itself, slowly and gradually
  5. When you feel a tingling sensation, the nicotine is released
  6. Keep the pouch between under your lip for 5 to 30 minutes

Killa strengths

The Killa range comes in several different strengths, all of which you can find on Snuzzer very easily. Strong offers 16 mg of nicotine. Extra Strong has 24 mg of nicotine per pouch. Top products from Killa are the Strong and Extra Strong, available across an array of flavours on Snuzzer.

How many pouches are there in a can of Killa?

There are typically 20 Killa nicopods per can. However, this depends on whether you’re getting a regular, a slim or a mini can. The larger cans actually contain up to 30 Killa tobacco-free snus pouches. All cans are slim and stylishly designed so that they fit neatly in a pocket.

Who should use Killa pouches?

As there are so many different strengths available from Killa, it’s easy for anyone over the age of 18 to use Killa pouches. However, it is essential that you choose the right strength. New users should start with a much lower nicotine content, leaving Extra Strong pouches to those who are more experienced.

Buy Killa pouches online at Snuzzer

Snuzzer is a well-known nicotine pouch online store. It stocks a wide range of nicotine pouches and products. Better still, Snuzzer offers fast delivery to the majority of Europe. So, once you order your Killa pouches, you’re not going to be waiting long before you receive them. Make an order over 200 EUR, and you’re going to get it delivered for free too. Additionally, this online store also has a big selection of products that gets updated every single month. With speedy, versatile payment methods and a helpful, professional customer service, Snuzzer makes grabbing some Killa tobacco-free snus an absolute breeze.

Killa Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy Killa Pouches Online?

Buying Killa pouches online at Snuzzer is a great option for numerous reasons. First, it just makes everything easier. Not only that, but you’ll find that there is a better selection online. And, the Killa products available are cheaper than if you buy them in stores in person.

How Long Does a Killa Pouch Last?

Killa nicotine pouches typically last up to 30 minutes. This is how long the flavour and nicotine buzz tend to last. Of course, this is user-dependant though, so you may find it’s got a shorter hit time or a longer one. It’s all down to your preferences.

How Old Do You Have to be to Buy Killa?

The purchasing age for Killa does depend on the country you’re in. You have to be over the age of 18 or 21 depending on your country. This is a requirement, and you will be asked to provide your date of birth to verify your age before buying on Snuzzer.

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