ACE – Cool Mint 4mg


High-quality novelty from the Danish ACE

  • 4mg nicotine / sachet
  • Good-sized bags
  • Mint fresh and high-quality taste!
  • 20 nicotine bags in a box
  • Does not stain teeth

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ACE – Cool Mint 4mg

ACE – Cool Mint is a wonderful novelty that contains 4mg of nicotine per dose pad. This product has a nicely sized, wide and slightly damp nicotine bag, which is suitably packed full of stuff. This icy bag from a high-quality Danish manufacturer will surprise even the most experienced user with its coolness. The perfectly minty taste freshens the breath and stays dry for a long time! Thanks to its small bag, it is inconspicuous from the outside, but still gives a fresh kick to the upper lip. It’s a really popular brand abroad, which we now have exclusive access to for sale in Finland as well! You should definitely try this.

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