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We bring you a wide range of nicotine pouches. We’ve made it our mission to provide our customers with a discreet, convenient, and enjoyable way to consume nicotine.

What are Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches are tobacco-free and smokeless alternatives to smoking cigarettes. Each pouch is made from plant-derived cellulose fibers and contains nicotine, either synthetically created or extracted from real tobacco leaves, flavors, and plant-based materials.

Snuzzer offers nicotine pouches in various sizes, strengths, and flavors, so you get to pick what suits your taste and preference.

  • Klint – Apple Mint #5 12mg

  • Grant – Ice Blueberry 4mg

  • Cuba – White Blueberry 8mg

  • Activ – Generation 12,8mg

  • Killa – Niclab Flash Watermelon 4mg

  • White Fox – Double Mint 12mg


Why Use Nicotine Pouches?

If you’re a current smoker or someone who wants to quit, you know how difficult resisting nicotine is. But you understand that you have to stop smoking for many reasons. Smoking is like burning your hard-earned money on something that can potentially affect your health and wellness and the people around you.

What makes smoking a deadly habit? Combusted tobacco. Every time you light a cigarette, you emit thousands of toxic substances into the air. 

This is why more and more smokers are shifting to smokeless alternatives like nicotine pouches. 

What other benefits do nicotine pouches bring?

  1. You smell good

Ever wondered why, no matter how much you clean your house and car, the smell of a stale cigarette remains? That third-hand smoke comes from combusted tobacco. But if you replace cigarettes with nicotine pouches, that awful smell stops. It’s because nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco. And you don’t light nicotine pouches, so no combustion occurs.

  1. You look good

Most smokers have unsightly yellowish nails and hair. This is because of tar, which is a cigarette ingredient. Nicotine pouches don’t have them, so your nails and hair will look a lot better.

  1. You feel good

There are plenty of health issues that come with cigarette smoke, including: respiratory illnesses, different types of cancers, etc. Since nicotine pouches are smokeless, you’ll look and feel healthier. And if you add the above-mentioned benefits (smelling and looking good), you’ll feel so much better.

Who Can Use Nicotine Pouches?

  1. Adults who are current smokers

There are places where smoking is not allowed – inside workplaces, hospitals, enclosed public spaces, or at home. It’s disallowed to protect other people against the hazards of secondhand smoke. Because nicotine pouches are smokeless and discreet, smokers can still have their nicotine fix without leaving the room.

  1. Former smokers who’re still experiencing relapses

A lot of quitters still find it difficult to totally remove the smoking habit. And for them, withdrawal can interfere with their daily activities. To lessen the burden, they can pop in a nicotine pouch from time to time to keep the withdrawal symptoms at bay.

  1. Current smokers who are considering quitting

Some smokers want to stop for a variety of reasons. But health issues are the most common reason for quitting smoking. It could be that their health is at stake or that of a loved one. But, as we all know, quitting is challenging. So to make it easier, smokers who’d like to quit use nicotine pouches to provide them with a smokeless nicotine fix.

  • Killa – Dry Blueberry 11mg

  • Zeus – Frozen Citrus Strong 20mg

  • Grant – Melon 16mg

  • Zeus – Arctic Freeze Strong 20mg

  • Cuba – Ninja Bubble Gum 20mg

  • White Fox – Full Charge 16mg


Nicotine Pouches: How to Use

Below are four simple steps on how you can enjoy a smokeless nicotine experience.

  1. Open the can.
  2. Put a nicotine pouch in your mouth, between your upper lip and gum.
  3. After 30 minutes, remove it. 
  4. Dispose properly. Your can has a small compartment on the lid where you can put your used pouches

Nicotine Pouches: Strengths

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  • Chapo White – Brutal Cold 6mg

  • Garant – Ice Cool 8mg

  • Fix – Green Mango Lemongrass 12mg

  • Velo – Freeze ULTRA 14mg

  • Kelly White – Sweet Peach Strong 7mg

  • Klint – Apple Mint #5 12mg

  • Fix – Pineapple Rum Coconut 10mg

  • Cuba – White Pineapple 8mg

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Nicotine Pouches: Tips on Buying

Nicotine pouches are becoming increasingly popular. With the increasing demand, there are a growing number of sellers, both online and offline. They all offer a wide range of strengths and flavors.

If that’s the case, where, then, can you buy nicotine pouches? What should you keep in mind before buying? Here are some tips.

  1. Careful Research

When you want to buy a product you’ll be using for a long time, you want too do careful research, right? It’s because we all want the best for ourselves. 

You should apply the same level of thoroughness when researching the best nicotine pouch for you or a loved one. 

First, search for different online stores that sell nicotine pouches. Read customer testimonials about the store you’re considering buying from. What are they saying? You can also search sites like Reddit and Quora.

Don’t forget to ask your friends and relatives who are using nicotine pouches. Where do they buy theirs? Which flavor do they like most? What strength are they using, and why?

  1. Try it out

From your research, you’ll get plenty of options. We suggest buying a can of the nicotine pouch strength and flavor that you like. Try it out. Do you like the flavor? Is the strength just right for you? If you answered yes to both, then it’s time to buy them in bulk, as this will give you huge savings.

  • Best Sellers
  • Top Rated
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  • Fix – Green Mango Lemongrass 12mg

  • Velo – Freeze ULTRA 14mg

  • Killa – Cappuccino 12,8mg

  • Cuba – Peach 16mg

  • Valo Sweden – Arctic Blue Gin 16mg

  • Grant – Hemp 16mg


From 3,64€

Popular Chapo White

From 3,64€

Strong Mörkö


Are nicotine pouches for quitting?

If you mean that these pouches will help you quit smoking cigarettes, in a way, they can. But if you mean, will they stop you from quitting nicotine, the honest answer is, they won’t. They’re just smokeless alternatives to cigarettes, which, when lit, emit thousands of toxic substances in the air.

If quitting nicotine is what you want, we suggest stopping taking any form of nicotine, including nicotine pouches.

What do nicotine pouches do to your mouth?

When you’re just staring out with nicotine pouches, you may get a tingling sensation in your mouth. It’s your oral cavity’s way of saying, “this is something I’m not familiar with.” It may also mean that the nicotine strength you use is too powerful for you. We suggest choosing a lower strength.

Now, if you’re also wondering “what nicotine pouches can’t do to your mouth,” the answer is, you won’t get yellowish teeth. It’s because nicotine pouches do not contain tar, the culprit for yellowish teeth. Additionally, you won’t get bad breath because these pouches, unlike cigarettes, don’t contain formaldehyde and other toxic substances that give off that “stale cigarette smell”.

Do nicotine pouches work?

Yes, they work for smokers, relapsers, and quitters by giving them a smokeless nicotine experience anytime, anywhere.

Do nicotine pouches contain tobacco?

Nicotine pouches are tobacco-free. The nicotine these pouches contain comes from synthetic materials or is extracted from tobacco leaves.

Where can I buy the cheapest nicotine pouches in the UK?

You can buy quality but affordable nicotine pouches at Snuzzer. We have a wide range of products you can choose from.

Can I use nicotine pouches even if I have gum disease?

We suggest you consult a physician first if you have an existing oral condition.

Will nicotine pouches help me quit smoking?

Yes, they may help you quit smoking cigarettes.

What happens if I accidentally swallow a nicotine pouch?

Nicotine pouches are inedible. They aren’t made for eating. However, if you swallow one accidentally, don’t panic. The pouch itself is made of organic cellulose powder, while the contents come from natural ingredients.

Are nicotine pouches safer than chewable tobacco, nicotine gums, or other oral nicotine products?

Right now, we still don’t have conclusive data on this. Rest assured that our research team is working hard to provide you with the information that you need.

Do nicotine pouches damage gums?

Nicotine pouches are less damaging when compared to other oral nicotine products. However, please be aware that, like other chemicals, nicotine can eventually damage your gums. We suggest quitting smoking or taking any form of oral nicotine if you are concerned with your oral health.

Do nicotine pouches cause gum recession?

Right now, we can’t give you this information.

Is it safe to buy nicotine pouches from online stores?

Yes, it is. Online stores like Snuzzer provide you with a wide range of nicotine pouches whilst protecting your privacy. We don’t sell your vital information to any organization.

Do we allow children and young teens to use nicotine pouches?

No, we don’t, and we never will. In fact, we don’t let people 18 years and younger enter our website. It’s because we are aware of how susceptible young people are to what they hear and see. If they see their favourite social media person using nicotine pouches, there’s a high chance that they might try them too.

Customer Reviews

Hear it from the users! Explore customer reviews for real insights on our nicotine pouches.

Samantha R
Helsinki, Finland
“ is my go-to for nicotine pouches. The selection is unbeatable, and the shipping is always prompt. The Cool Mint Blast has become a daily staple for me. Their customer service is friendly and super helpful whenever I have questions. Highly recommend!”
Henrik L
Berlin, Germany
“I recently switched to nicotine pouches and discovered The variety they offer is fantastic, and the quality is top-notch. I was particularly impressed with the discreet packaging. Great experience overall!”

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